THE STORY OF C – Chapter 3


I am an American and I have been here in Berlin as a student since September.

My set of sexual experiences is unique because of my dating history. I dated a woman steadily for 2 years, during which time we experimented with kink enough for me to know that I am submissive in bed, have a relatively high libido, and am open to trying new things. Ask about the details of that experimentation and I will answer. Now that this woman and I have split, I have noticed the large gap in my sexual experience: the penis. Although I am attracted to all manner of person, I have only the smallest handful of sexual experiences with men to relate (all of which were not great). I will be in Berlin until July and I hope to remedy this woeful lack of knowledge in that time.

I am looking to learn something. I am looking for casual sex. Condoms must be worn… this is non-negotiable. I am healthy and disease free and you should be too. Race and nationality are not relevant considerations to me. Interesting fantasies are a plus.

If you’re still with me here, please write to me. One-liners, pictures of your junk, and responses riddled with typos and spelling errors will be deleted with no mercy. Share a fantasy with me. Intrigue me. Pique my curiosity. Start a discussion that I will want to continue (via email to start). As you can see from the title, I live in Lichterfelde, so it is best if you can host. If you want a picture, you will have to send one to me. Auch gern auf deutsch, aber ich besetze natürlich keine muttersprachliche Kompetenz.

I look forward to your answer.



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