I’m Chrysanthemum Snow, and I’m a kinky bisexual cis-lady who thinks about sex once every seven seconds.

Here you will find my fantasies, my erotic stories, my accounts of my own sex life, and my thoughts on sex.

Please note that this site will include scenarios of kinky disempowerment that may be triggering to some. I feel for myself that it is healthy to embrace my problematic fantasies, as long as all participants agree to keep their play truly in the realm of fantasy, never crossing over into the realm of reality. Read more about the difference between fantasy and intention as I see it Here.

These stories are here to help people who may want to explore a fantasy in the safest possibly way–by themselves, in private, with the door locked. I will put trigger warnings on stories that I feel are potentially triggering.

If you feel that a story is missing a trigger warning, drop me a line and let me know! I will add one!

Happy reading, and happy sexytimes!

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