transform me

you pull me off a busy street in the city and into your van, where you drug me to shut me up for the long ride out to your farm. when I come to, I’m naked in the dirt, tied to the fence, with pig ears on my head, a piggy tail butt plug in my ass, and an uncomfortable nose hook pulling my nostrils into a nice little piggy snout.

you slap and whip my pussy until it’s “nice and puffy and pink,” a “nice pink piggy pussy” and you fuck my throat hard and smear my thick ropey spit all over my face and slap me and say things like, “good piggy, sloppy little piggy”

whenever I try to talk you slap me so hard across the face it takes my breath away, and you say things like, “piggies can’t talk, they oink. oink for me, piggy, oink for me” I resist at first, but I’m so aroused and wet all I wanna do is oink and squeal for you like a good piggy so you’ll fuck me and make me cum

you do this to me every day, you slap me and degrade me and play with that piggy buttplug and laugh as I oink and snort and squeal and get wetter and wetter, and then you fuck me and cum inside my pussy. I sleep and eat outside tied up to the fence, in the dirt, and you make me eat and drink from a trough. you hose me off if it looks like I’m getting too dirty (with a very strong hose, and particularly cruel aim).

soon I’ll become pregnant and give birth right in this dirty pigpen. you’ll take the baby away and give it to your wife – after all, you’re doing this for her. she didn’t want to go through the pain of labor, so you found a piggy to do it for her. this way she doesn’t have to ruin her slim figure. 

she wants lots of babies. I won’t resist. all I want to do is eat and roll around in the dirt and oink and squeal and get wet and get fucked and come and come and come again on your cock. 

the transformation is complete. you’ve made me your piggy.