It’s late. After a long day of traveling mishaps, it should not come as a surprise that the hostel you booked no longer has any private rooms available. You are too tired to complain much, and your German isn’t up to the task anyway. Instead, you accept a spot in one of the many mixed company rooms.

It is dark already as you enter the room, but you dimly perceive a long room lined with bunk beds in the gloomy half-light. The soft sounds of sleep, little murmurs, light snoring, dreamy mumbling, and the hush of sonorous breaths reach you at the entrance. The place reminds you of Jane Eyre, of boarding schools, as you stumble and fumble through the darkness, groping blindly for your bunk. You’re happy to see that you’re on the bottom bunk.

You undress quickly, too lazy to change into sleep clothes, clad lazily in naught but underpants and a t-shirt that is ratty to the point of threadbare. Before long you are under the covers, your breath evening out, your body going limp and languid with impending sleep, heading swiftly down the black river to swirling unconsciousness. Caught as you are between sleeping and waking, you are only dimly aware of the groan of your bunk and the warmth of another body suddenly beside yours. There is a gruff voice in your ear, there are rough hands on you. You are enveloped in the strange man’s heat from behind, and his hard cock presses insistently against your backside. Your German isn’t very good, but it doesn’t have to be to read the intention behind the words.

The stranger plays with your nipples, flicks them, pinches them, rubs them, strokes them through the thin cotton of your shirt. He bites and licks and sucks at your neck as his hands wander. Still partially submerged in the current of sleep, you are powerless to stop the helpless whimper that crosses your lips, and his hand is suddenly rough across your mouth, silencing you. “Do you want everyone to hear, slut?” he murmurs into your ear. He speaks English with a thick accent. “American, aren’t you?” he says, with something like naked admiration in his tone. “Easy whore.” He grips your hipbone, then slides his hand around your butt, cupping the flesh there. He gives it a little slap, quietly, then his hand moves to palm the wet patch between your legs. “Getting wet for it already, greedy little whore.” His hand muffles your moan. “Oh you like that, do you?” He presses hard into your underwear. “What a good little slag you are.”

He presses two curled fingers into your mouth and you suck greedily, eyes still closed, utterly ruled by your baser impulses. “Good girl,” he says, slipping them out. He pushes your underwear hastily to the side and curls two fingers inside you, chuckling low in your ear. “So wet already.” With his other hand, he pulls the underwear down and off. He spreads the slickness from your cunt to your clit and begins to flick there. You make a strangled noise of pleasure and he tuts. “Everyone is going to hear what a stupid dirty slut you are.” He increases his pace on your clit, slipping his other hand between your legs. “They are probably all jerking off to the sound of you.” The finger on your clit is nearing the crest where pleasure becomes pain. “You like giving them a show, don’t you, fucking slag. They want to hear you come. Come for them.” You are powerless to stop the high moans issuing forth in a stream. Your back arches, tightening like a string about to snap, and you shudder as climax rips through you.

Before you recover your sense of place and time, the stranger shoves his cock inside you, fucking you hard with a wet slapping sound. You unconsciously push back onto him, outside of yourself with pleasure. His fingers are hard on your hips, holding you firmly in place, gripping hard enough to leave marks, no doubt. There is nothing you can do to stop the noises coming out of you on every thrust. “Fucking whore,” he growls in your ear. “You like it, being fucked with a roomful of strangers listening. Probably wouldn’t mind being fucked by each of them one by one.” You can’t stop the throaty moans, although they are loud in the hushed stillness of listening in the room. “You like being used, don’t you, little slag. You’d love to be the communal cum-bucket.” You are sobbing ‘yes’ brokenly every time he pounds into you, eyes screwed shut, hands clenching your blankets. With that, he buries himself deep inside you and comes with a swear in German. You are warm and sticky and sweaty. He climbs out of your bed and is gone with nary a backward glance, leaving you with his cum trickling out between your legs, your blankets twisted and smelling of sex, your t-shirt rucked up, your underwear nowhere to be found. You fall back asleep, unable to help yourself.

Business Fuck

I call you into my office to take a memo down. “Close the door behind you, please.”

You are dutifully copying down every word I say and you are already halfway through recording the sentence, “Would you like to suck my cock?” before you think to look up. You look bewildered. You are probably wondering just what cock I’m referring to. You don’t know that I keep a silver beauty of a cock in my desk for just these occasions. I keep this appendage around because I never know when some dirty little girl is going to need some fucking. That dirty little girl is you.

Your skirt is short—practically indecent. In fact it’s so short that anyone can plainly see that you’re wearing thigh highs and no panties. I have been rubbing myself through my trousers ever since you walked in this morning. I couldn’t help but realize that your skirt was so short, you were undoubtedly forced to sit with your bare ass and your uncovered pussy against the leather of your chair. I’ve been thinking of you pressing your wet little pussy into your chair and getting it damp with your juices and it has distracted me quite from my business today.

So I clipped my cock into place (I like to be prepared for these things, so having underwear that doubles as a clip in harness for my cock is a must), and asked you in here to take a memo. But I don’t want you to take a memo. Really I want to watch your sweet little mouth stretching around that big cock under my desk. I want to see you on your knees, sweet little girl. I want to tweak your little nipples and watch you suck it until you are wet enough to fuck. Then I want to tease you with my finger, alternate between flicking your clit and rubbing it oh-so-gently… and I could certainly go on. The volume of dirty fantasies I’ve had about you is amazing.

I pull the cock out of my pants and you don’t require any other encouragement. You crawl on your hands and knees—bless you, it gives me the perfect view of your tight round ass and your exposed pussy—and settle in under my desk, where no one can see you, as though you read my mind. I return to my email and you suckle sweetly on my big cock.

A colleague of ours steps into the office, knocking on the door. “Hey chief, sorry to bother. Do you know where Chrissy is? I wanted to schedule an appointment with you.”

I bet you’re wetter than ever, sucking my cock under my desk, out of sight. “She stepped out for her lunch break. She’ll be back later this afternoon and you can schedule something then.”

“OK, boss.”

“Close the door behind you.”

He does.

“Are you ready for me to play with your pussy, dirty little slut? I want to see how wet you are.”

You lay on your back on the floor with your legs in my lap. It looks a little uncomfortable, but you seem to be beyond caring when I begin to touch your slit and clit. “Good girl, you got so wet for me, sucking my cock.” I spread your ample wetness around and begin with the softest, lightest strokes on your clit. You moan in ecstasy and get wetter. You are such a good girl for me, your legs spread wide.

I increase the pressure on your clit and slip a finger into your wet pussy. You moan and contract. I chuckle. “It’s a good thing there’s an all company meeting down the hall right now, otherwise Chad and Robert and Stephanie would hear what a little slut you are.” Your little moans are making me wet in my harness. I fuck you shallowly with my fingers, all the while increasing my attentions to your hard little clit.

Suddenly, with a gasp, you tighten up from head to toe, your legs tense and your pussy clenching around my hand. You exclaim between gasps twice, then screw your face up, your eyes closed and come magnificently without a sound or breath, your back arched, your pussy tight like a vice grip around my fingers.

“Good girl,” I breathe out, amazed and aroused. “Are you ready for my cock?”

“Yes, please,” you say breathlessly. “Yes, yes, yes.”

I help you out from under the desk and hoist you up into my lap and onto my cock. Your little skirt is rucked up and out of the way around your waist. I unbutton the top of your shirt and push your lacy bra aside as I bounce you up and down easily on my big dick. With every thrust you let out a primal cry of approval.

“Can you be a good little girl and be quiet for me?” You nod. I pinch your nipples hard and you tremble and whimper with the effort of keeping quiet. I grab hold of you underneath your tight little ass and use my grip there to bounce you up and down. “Oh fuck that’s so good. I love your ass.”

“Now I want you to ride my cock like a good little whore.” I tweak your nipples as you work yourself up and down, up and down on my cock. “Yes, just like that. That’s so hot.” I give your ass a little slap and you gasp in pleasure.

You whimper as you sit on my cock, letting it penetrate you deep. You kiss me sloppily and then return your focus to rocking back and forth on top of me, writhing in my lap. Your face glows and you have a fine sheen of sweat on you.

“Now get up and go around the other side of the desk. Bend over it.” I pat your exposed flanks admiringly and slap your ass. “Fuck that’s good.” I do it again. You try to moan as quietly as you can, but when I stick my big dick in you, deeper than before, from behind, you can’t help but utter a loud moan. I thrust deep in and out, rocking the desk a little.

“Be a good girl and touch your clit for me,” I say. “I want you to come around my cock. I like it when a good little whore clenches around my cock.” Obediently, you begin to stroke your clit as I pound into you from behind. All the while, the cock has been pressing on my clit inside my harness. I can feel how damp my harness is getting. You turn me on so much.

Suddenly, you gasp loudly, tensing up, your moans get louder than ever with every stroke of my cock. Your back arches, your pussy tightens around my cock, you stop breathing, stop moaning and your little hand clenches on the edge of the desk as you come even harder than before. You go limp. I lift you up off of the desk and hold you close and kiss you.

I close the blinds and remove my pants, harness, and cock. You come back to life a little bit, murmuring how hard you came in my ear. You kiss me as I touch my wet, engorged clit. Then, curious, you dip a finger into my slick pussy. I groan. “I’m so wet for you,” I murmur. You push me back onto the desk so that I’m lying on top of it on my back, exposed. You climb on top of me and it doesn’t take long for me to come with your lips on my lips, your breasts against mine, and your fingers deep in my pussy, my own expert hand on my clit.

We smile at each other, wrapped in each other’s arms and without asking for my approval, you cancel all of my appointments and yours today, saying that we both got food poisoning. We sneak out the back of the office and spend the rest of the day in bed, reliving it all again.