THE STORY OF C – Chapter 6

A message from MASTER BERLIN:

“dear american girl living in lichterfelde,

i’m a dominant master in my 50s in n________. i liked your story and wanted to tell you about me.

i control girls via email. i make all their life decisions for them. i help them achieve what
they want to get out of life. they obey me. they send me photos. we come to depend on each other. then they usually leave because their husbands find out or they aren’t disciplined enough. i have them meet other people under my instructions, and i open doors for them from here in n_________. i have a few subs and am looking for another sub or slave who is willing to do all i ask in exchange for the security of having someone powerful and capable behind her.if you’re interested, i’m happy to chat and see if there’s a fit. if not, i’m also interested in getting to know you. you’re interesting. i want to hear about your two years with your girlfriend.
there’s no harm in emailing. tell me more about yourself. if you are interested in being a sub, send a photo with your reply.

I did not deign to respond to this one because I am not looking for a long distance master. I am looking for someone to teach me how his dick works. I did, however, masturbate to it.

A message from HARDNWILD:
I myself, a good looking writer, discoverd the penis. I love myself beeing naked and hard. But seeing anothother guy naked, who sees me, was a new experince getting off.I want you to be with me, to suck him, and we both be on you. In you, around you,

A message from Cupid Desiring:
“Hi there, I just saw your ad and… well, I wanna know you so much 😉
I’m everything you’re asking for – yes, I’m so modest! 😀 Well, I’m Cupid, I’m the god of love after all 😉
I’m 33, I’ve been living in Berlin since 4 years and work at a University in the Literature field, I was for ex. a visting scholar at S_____, CA. I’m also a writer. I speak 6 languages, I’m Italian and you know, “Italians do it better”: well, I do it even better – and longer – than the Italians 😉  My tongue is also very quick and “sharp”, it likes licking every hole and every inch of a pretty body, my fingers are skilled to make a pussy squirt over and over again…. I know some naughty games that we can play and lots of positions that I use to take a curious girl like you… Pussy, ass, mouth, I won’t neglect any spot, believe me…. I’ll just make you dizzy with orgasms… I’ve hard the chance to be with “unexperienced” girls and I love being the “teacher”, they enjoyed it, too, believe you me 😉 Oh, and if you really feel submissive and would like to be dominated you can have that as well, maybe I can get more into details in another email, but one step at the time….
So, do you wanna have tons of pleasure with me?
Let me know, you won’t regret it. My “chemistry detector” never fails and it’s telling me we’ll have the best time of our lives together. I’m a very bad boy but I also know how to be a gentleman, when and if it’s required. I can really fuck “your brains out”, in and out of bed 😉 Oh, and I have my own apartment in Prenz-Berg, nobody’s gonna bother us there….


Can’t wait to hear from you! Bye,
Your Horny Cupid



A message from XXXLOVRR:
“u seem sexxy send some pics?? here’s mind, hope u like 😉 i wanna stuff a bid dildo up uy tiny llittle asshole, bet u nevr realizde the pleasurs of the ass br fore. u can be my fuctoy… hmu _________ (telephone number redacted)”

A message from Paul F:
“Your arms held high
Your legs are wide
There’s nothing more that you can hideThe soft caress
My fingers strong
Send shivers as I stroll along

Restraints are tight
They hold you open
Moans and screams are only spoken

Your body writhes
And thrashes so
Body says yes but your head says no

My silver hair
My soft wrinkles
The devil in my eye it twinkles

It’s wrong to want
And wrong to touch
Your pussy screams it yearns so much

You hear it purrr
You feel it shiver
My finger inside teasing come hither

I watch you plead
For me to stop
My fingers draw you to the top

The warmth it builds
Between your legs
Your lips spread wide your pussy begs

To be fulfilled
Every inch, every bit
My thumb pressing against your clit

While fingers thrust
Deep inside
Your hips buck enjoying the ride

Faster stonger
Deeper too
Your pussy loving what I do

My thumb rubs hard
Your climax hits
My hands tearing you to bits

It rips right through
From head to toe
you can no longer say no

You want me deep
My cock inside
The pleasure you just cannot hide

I fuck you hard
I fuck you deep
My cum inside is yours to keep”

A message from Doktor Phantasie:
“Hi, dear unknown American girl.

Although I am a native German speaker (which shouldn’t be that hard to find out from how I write ;)), I’ll write in English, letting you decipher what I meant.

If you want to make yourself a picture of me: I am 28, 1.75 m tall, slender. We’ll exchange pictures if we share interests, I propose.

So, let me think about a fantasy. I hope you enjoy it.

We are to go our for a day. You almost wanted to object my order to wear sturdy shiny latex boots besides your corset, because you like other shoes much more.

Speaking of me, I chose a shirt, fitting trousers and a pair of black shoes. It is a bit unexciting, I could even be a doctor in this dress. You hand me the remote for the toy that you wear in your underwear.

We drive from Lichterfelde south west, enter Brandenburg, see endless woods and drive through small villages.
After an hour, we enter Beelitz and I park the car in front of a large fence.

You see many buildings in miserable shape behind the fence. I open a gate, you follow me into the  courtyard. Never having heart of Beelitz-Heilstätten, you are a bit puzzled.

In contrast to the buildings, the large and uncut trees look beautiful, giving the place a strange charme.

We enter a building and stroll around. A slight breeze of cold air comes through the broken windows to the left of the hallway, sending shivers through your arms and legs. I put my arm around you and rub your beautiful body. There are many doors to the right, each with a small room. We choose room 317. The paint comes off the wall, a long time ago, it was pastel yellow.

There is a metal-framed bed with a dusty mattress, the rest looks like an ordinary hospital room. The door looks quite heavy and thick, like all the doors on this floor. So you focus the trees outside, their gentle movements in the wind.
A hand grabs your arm and throws you onto the bed.
Before you realise, your arms are cuffed to it.
You look surprised, puzzled why the bed feels so cold.
Then, you feel the PVC sheet that I put on the mattress while you were distracted. It all makes sense. But the cuffs, they were there before, attached to the bed.
As you struggle to no avail, I tie your feet to the bed with some cuffs from my backpack.
I put on a white coat and leave the room, locking it.
You shout my name, it remains unheard.
Instead, a familiar feeling starts between your legs, slowly, getting stronger and spreading from your tiny love button to your tiny butthole. A part of you hates this device you wear, not only covering your lips, but also stuffing your pussy and ass.
I control the device, knowing what you like and how to force you to an orgasm.
You are a slave to the device stuffed inside you, screaming in agony, for minutes.
I enter the room, caress your sweating body and turn the device down a bit.
“Which hole do you prefer?”
“… p … mh … pussy”
All vibration stops. I remove the vibrator slip from your lips and clit, pull the large one from your pussy, the one in your ass remains there.
With your arms and legs strapped to the bed, you are unable to resist. So I slowly climb between your legs, eat you out and begin to fuck you after a while. Long, deep strokes that make you forget your binds.
Our hot bodies have their fun until you come, clenching your muscles, dragging me over the edge, too. My hot sperm fills your pussy. As it flows out, I stuff the vibrator back inside you and put the vibrator slip back on.
For a few minutes more, we enjoy our bodies touching each other.
I stand up, close my coat, and say with stern voice:
“Well, young lady, now that we made clear who is in charge of whom here:
You know why you are here? You’ve been into much trouble.
 Telling people you are the incarnation of some pagan goddess, what a bullshit.
 I will cure you from these ill thoughts. With drugs or electricity, we’ll see.
 Oh, and I expect discipline and obedience. If not, I will enforce them.
 You can call me Dr., by the way, to show your respect for me.
 Anything you want to say?”
“Well, can you untie me, Dr. ?”
“It’s a bit too early for that, but I can tie your arms together, so you can move”
Said, done. You now have your arms tied to each other and I untie your legs.


What will happen now? Your 1pm drug enema? some electrosex? a rough anal fuck or a nice blow job? going around the buildings a bit?
Dr. Phantasie”

I could make a mural of the dick pics I’ve been sent. And the typos. But that would be cruel.
I miss being fucked. I’ve written to some more promising craigslist suitors. Waiting for their responses. I said I would delete the worst responses (like some of those above), but I must say I find them much too funny to delete.

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